Why Employees Leave Their Job?

May 2, 2020

Performing employees are the biggest asset of any organization, name any industry. The efficiency of operation of an organization largely depends on the quality of the employees, their experience and efficiency on the job. Most of the medium and big organizations are system-driven, so performing employees with comparatively longer tenure in the same organization becomes important as it takes quite-a-while to learn the inner systems of the company. The optimum productivity from an employee comes only when he is fully aware and accustomed with the systems of a company. Hence high attrition rates of efficient, performing band of employees becomes a big challenge for all organizations in the growth-trajectory.

An insight to look for the reason

In India, attrition is a problem in almost every industry, major percentages remaining in Retail, e-commerce, media & advertising, banking and Information Technology. Let’s have a closer look on this prominent issue for finding out the reasons.

To understand the inner reasons that drive an employee to leave an organization we need to delve a bit deeper. It all starts with evaluating a job offer. Today’s potential employees, even freshers, are smarter in the way of collecting information and lot of tools are handy in the internet, too. But what information they gather before joining an organization is in fact insufficient to feel the inside environment of a particular company.

Information about an organization can be collected from outside in many ways. One can

go through the company website, trading sites like etc. (if the company is listed), or check with Facebook groups or by connecting present or ex-employees through Quora, LinkedIn or similar websites. It is obvious that the information collected from company websites are simply those information what the company management wants to let the outsiders know – usually the generalized positive statements about the company. In trading sites one may get a hint about the top management and financial health of the company, and if you are a pro-trader you may get certain hints about the near future performance by working out from the financial ratios. But for a potential employee there are many more important questions do exist.

How is the working environment?

How the employees treated?

Is there an unbiased and efficient appraisal system?

Is positive and honest efforts appreciated?

Is there a positive work-life balance?

To get the above questions answered one is likely to approach the relevant communities or groups in social media where one may get some information from an insider or an ex-employee which may be beneficial up to certain extent. Still, it is to be remembered that these information are greatly influenced by one’s personal experience with that organization. For a big company with multiple work segments it is awful to judge by only few such reviews.