The Journey Through National Highways

March 16, 2021

It is no surprise that the COVID outbreak has taken a toll on the growth of almost every sector in the world, the same is true for India. Well, construction of the national highway is an exception!

You may be astonished, but the fact is, in the ongoing fiscal of FY 2020-21 India has set a record of constructing 29.81 Km national highway per day on an average basis, which is a record in the last five years. This is dominating over the last year’s (2019-20) data of 28.04 Km per day.

During the lockdown days, we have heard the union minister of roads & transport, Mr. Nitin Gadkari, announcing the planning of construction of highways to a forever new scale. The reality has come into the picture after the data from the central ministry was brought in to picture.

In a report, the central ministry said that the ministry took a decision to complete all ongoing projects that had been awarded up to 2015-16.

India is the second-largest road network in the world of approx. 62 lakh km. This is comprising of the National Highways (136440 km), Expressways (176818 Km), state highways, other major roads, other district roads, and village roads.

It is evident that road transport plays a major role in the economic growth of a country, by connecting the parts of a country end-to-end. Hence this crucial journey through the major roads is very important for the financial growth of the country.

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