Six unique ideas for budding authors to help writing their books

July 16, 2020

Welcome to BrainQuisitive. If you are a new author, and striving for book ideas, then this article is specifically for you. Just go through our experts’ views on six unique ideas for writing your future bestseller.

First, write from your own experiences

If you can help others with your book then definitely it will have a high demand. Think, how can you help others by sharing your knowledge. If you are a businessman and have grown it from the scratch, write your experience in detail which will help the young businessmen to grow. This will facilitate them and you too in growing your own business, as by writing the book you will create a brand for your business. If you are a successful parent you can help young parents to make decisions and ensure good education and culture for their children. If you are a cricketer you can help the budding cricketers to eliminate the preliminary mistakes by learning from your experience.

Non-fiction writers should keep in mind that people will love a book for two reasons. One, when they get umpteenth knowledge about something from your book, which they did not know otherwise, and two, when they wanted to find a definite solution for a specific problem and you can offer one. It is a human tendency to look for a solution if they are having a problem, to overcome it. So, just go ahead with your experience and offer them a solution through your book.

Second, make friends your critics

To write a bestseller, the first step is to get to know what the readers love about your writing and what they hate. The easiest trick to know is to ask your friends what do they like to read the most. Write something short on those topics, maybe 1000-1200 words on each of the topics. Give it to them and set them free to throw brickbats on you. Believe us, if your friends are your first critics then definitely you will get very useful (which may not be good) feedback which will help you to write your book in a great way. Ask them about the engagement level, the tone, the attracting and repelling features of your writing. Eventually, this practice will eliminate all the issues with your writing and will make you a better author for sure.

Third, write about what makes you laugh

This way you will enjoy the writing and certainly, your book will be a good creation. If you have a good sense of humor, your readers have a right to share the laughter. People like to laugh and make them do it. In this way, you will become a person very near to your readers’ minds and they will be able to relate themselves with you even more.

Fourth, find a person to characterize

You pass by numerous people in your daily life. Just think, if you could convert to book-ideas, how many books could have been written by you. Real-life people make good characters of a fiction. So, if you are an author of fiction, study people and chose them suitably for your upcoming book. Make it reach with their vice and virtues. This way, it will save your hardwork on imagination and will make the writing easier for you.

Fifth, write about your hobbies

People like to learn about the hobbies of other people. If you have developed a good hobby like fishing, adventure sports or photography, fortunately, you have a ready readers’ base. You can convert all the knowledge you have acquired in your hobby and just by structuring that information into a book you can have a highly popular book. The writing will not be much hard work as you are already having a solid interest in the subject. You will be able to write pages easily as the flow will come to you almost automatically.

Sixth, write about the problems you have faced

Write about the problems which you have faced in your industry and of course, the kind of solution you witnessed or created for them. In the beginning, we have already mentioned that people love to know about solutions to real-life problems so if you can offer a specific solution to a problem you are going to create a bestselling book. So, sit back and relax, and think what are the specific solutions to a particular problem, and put it down on the paper. Then elaborate those in a structured way and your book is ready.

Come on, what are you waiting for? Start to write your book, the world is waiting for it.

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