6 Most Useful Tips to Prepare for an Online Job Interview

The pandemic era has got many of our usual behaviors changed and online job interviews are one of them. With many restrictions, every day we are in need of getting accustomed to new ideas, new environments, and new practices. Instead of physical job interviews, an online job interview, which, although existed earlier for some cases like job interviews with an employer staying abroad, or just for the initial formalities. But in the present scenario, most of the organizations and also the job-seekers are interested to appear online for the whole process of job interviews.

As the online job interview is a very new concept for most job seekers, it is important that the interviewees appearing for an online job interview should not miss some very important aspects for preparing themselves for the same. With the right approach and a little training, online job interviews can be fun.

Prepare yourself well.

Similar to the regular, physical job interviews you must prepare well with your subject and experience. We recommend to go through your resume once and remember the projects you have worked on so far, along with the timelines. These are important and you don't want to see your resume in front of the board!

Practice your communication skill before the online job interview if you think it needs a little brush-up. Personally, I read just any book the night before loud enough to hear what I pronounciate, as it gives me the confidence of communicating the next day before an interviewer. You may have your own technique. Do that. And be prepared for the HR round questions like 'tell me about yourself', 'three strong and weak sides of your character', or 'where do you see yourself after five years from now.'

Get to know about the company as much as possible. Start from the company website and search Google, or talk to a friend who is an employee there.

While this is basic, you should have some other things on the checklist. You must have a computer working fine, mics and earphones tested and working well, along with the required software installed in it (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or anything like that), and a net connection with good speed. Don't forget to charge your computer and the net device (maybe your phone) fully charged. If you are not using the software already, we recommend downloading it at least 1-2 days before and get to know the functionalities well to avoid being embarrassed during the job interview.

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Dress formally.