New Manager? Five Things You Must Not Forget

May 1, 2020

Congrats! You are promoted, and it’s a responsibility jump…

Enjoy the feelings… it’s not every day one gets promoted to be a manager with a higher level of responsibilities. You are now talk of the office!

It’s tough to manage a team but rewarding too. The most valuable assets of an organization are its employees. Whatever be the monetary value of a company or tangible assets it possesses, employees’ quality and efficiency matter the most – to make or break a company’s worth and reputation.

Often, it is tough to manage a team effectively for a young manager – especially if you are promoted to the present position from one step below within the same office or project team. It is mostly because you find all of your peers (and some friends too) suddenly reporting to you! It is those people, with whom you may have shared the same canteen-table, had chit-chats together and had a light relationship quite for sometime – and all of a sudden you are now the boss for them! It’s a prize to your hard-work and success but some of your peers may find problem to digest the same.

This, although not the only one, but one of the most strong hindrances the newly promoted managers face immediately upon accepting the new level of responsibility. And it’s a logical one that you can easily understand by just imagining yourself in their place.

But the most important question is: “Where should I start?”

Most young managers- whether he is promoted from within the company or joins the team from outside – strive for a break at this point. I did, too. At this point of time our manager is a young person with good technical know-how, one of the best performers in that one-step-below role (that’s why he’s been promoted) and very much energetic. But at the same time, he is a first time manager. The lack of experience of managing holds him from starting out performing well.

But, you have no time to waste, dude. Board of Directors, top management, customers and other stakeholders are ready to pounce on you at your failure, and you are the person to answer those sharp claws. It’s better to start to take actions.

This is the time to study your team and work requirements. Let’s do it together to kick-start your new responsibility, let’s start taking actions.

Action-1: Understand the work requirement.