What is 'Monday Blues' and how to win over it?

January 03, 2022

Mondays are 14.3% of your life. So can be 'Monday blues'.

But if you are in a job which you don’t like, or if you have an imbalanced life, chances are there that your Mondays are ruined. Direct effect of 'Monday blues'.

‘Monday blues’ is a term that denotes the feeling of fear you sense in the morning of Mondays, before resuming to workplaces after a weekend. Not only fear or uneasiness, but Monday blues also brings down the positive energy in the employees, which in turn dips down the productivity.

As Mondays are the starting day of the workweek, there is more to it. Good, productive Mondays set the tone of the whole week, and overall productivity of the office gets diminished as an indirect effect of Monday blues.

Solving a problem is knowing the problem well. Information about the root cause helps in finding the appropriate solution. Monday blues are also problems that we can avoid and boost productivity in the office if the right knowledge is obtained and action is implemented at the right place.

What is the reason?

Let’s consider that you love hiking and there is a basecamp trekking program set on one of the Mondays. Or you are a movie buff and you have planned to visit the cinema with a friend or family. Would you feel the same way you would feel about resuming office on Monday? Would you feel the dreaded sense of Monday blues? I know your answer, it’s going to be a BIG ‘NO’.

You got my point. We dread to go resume the office simply when we don’t find it much interesting. That is a good test of ‘how much do you love your job’. The level of Monday blues you get every week gives you a clear answer that how much you love your job.

There could be other reasons, too. Too much pressure at work and extended hours throughout the week, less sleep, boring and repetitive assignments continuously are some of them. Anyway, when we have identified the reason, let us investigate how we can solve this issue once for always.