How to Praise Your Subordinates? Six Tips You Can't Afford to Miss

May 20, 2020

Praising your subordinates is a very important tool in your managerial toolkit, believe me! It is not always that financial benefits like yearly increment & incentives and periodic promotions motivates employees. Definitely, these are tools that help in the long run but it is not possible to keep employees motivated on a continuous basis with just these things which does not happen very often. But, there is a tools that most inexperienced young managers forget to utilize, even some of them are afraid to use – the tool of praising. Now, that’s an art, too. Like scolding, there are things to be thought about praising also. Both scolding and praising employees are quite like hormones in the body. Lack or excess of both can ruin the health (of individual or workplace). Given the right amount available, your returns will be high. Always keep in mind that your employees may be junior to you in education or age or experience or all the above, but possibility is there that some of them are more intelligent. So it is never a good idea to over-praise anybody to get some extra work done. Your subordinate, if understands, will feel himself deceived and exploited by the management, which in this case, you. This will eventually demoralize them and your chance of getting good productivity will diminish. There are many Managers who actually exist on this earth and think that if they praise their subordinates they may consider themselves as high-performers and will not work with attention anymore. Some even fears that higher management may consider the manager ineffective. Weird enough and certainly not the cool manager type. So? We must implement the tool of praising, which is certainly a fantastic weapon in your managerial toolkit. But how? That's the question. Let's go through. Tip 1: Keep it genuine. Praise someone only if it is genuine and really you want to thank them. Not tough to understand, isn't it? Be Honest. Never consider the person sitting on the other side of the table a fool. Be honest. Otherwise they may have the illusion of getting exploited rather than being praised and your motive is only to get some extra works done by them. Tip 2: Be specific. Do not praise an employee as “This is for all you have done in this month”. Instead, tell him “You have done a great job by bringing back 10 discontinued customers” or “An extra 15% sale of plasticizer above the monthly target! Really well done”. Tip 3: Never praise people! Praise their work. Direct praising an employee may create an illusion in their subconscious mind that you are flattering them. So if you are really want to praise them, put your sight on the good they did. Tip 5: Keep the praise in conjunction with the value they really added. Otherwise, the objective is lost and there is no meaning of the whole thing at all. For example, if you are a sales manager and one of your salespersons has achieved to manage a customer who were just complaining about your company’s service, leave a quick “Well done dude” type message. But if the guy has made a huge quantum leap in the monthly sales – he deserves a big praise, may be public with some small gift even. It’s important to understand the effect and work likewise. Tip 6: Add responsibilities wherever suits. Sometimes and for some employees adding some extra responsibility is the most useful method of praising their good efforts. Understand the person’s abilities and capacities and act carefully so that they may not think themselves overburdened. Management is a creative arena. Think yourself and add some new techniques which may be useful and also suits your managerial styles to praise your employees. Comment in the box to share those with us. Happy thinking!

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