Five Great Tips to JumpStart Your Book Writing

July 6, 2020

Check for our expert guide to jumpstart your book. The world is waiting for it.

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If you are a professional author, this article may not be much helpful for you, as you must have developed a knack about writing. this post is for those who struggle to start writing their book, and wonder how to do it.

Starting phase of writing a book is very important. It sets the pace of the course and gives you good mileage if you can start well. But the new authors struggle about where to start, and most importantly, how to? Let's listen to what the experienced authors say.

Expert tip-1: Chose your location wisely.

The location, where you sit to write, is crucial. It sets the tempo in your mind. Always chose a place where you will be able to concentrate well. It may be your study room at home or even a serene place in the lap of nature where you like to spend time. just make sure the disturbance is less and your hands can put on the paper or word-processor what exactly is in your mind to tell.

Expert tip-2: Get the outline ready.

It is always helpful to start writing when you have an outline ready with you. To create an outline for your book, research through the subject, and make a list of what you want to communicate to your readers. Once you get those items on paper, just arrange them in a meaningful sequence. You may add some note for the topics which may help you in the course of writing. Now you are ready with the outline, get started.

Expert tip-3: Don't multi-task.

Focus on the writing itself. Focus on the thoughts and what exactly you are getting on the paper. It is very common to get distracted by some of your other regular works while you start writing as the concentration level is not up to the mark while you start. Don’t fall for it. Instead, set aside a particular period of the day, preferably in the early morning or the night if you are a college student or an office-goer.

Expert tip-4: Read.

You probably got this. Yes, to write your masterpiece, even you are a subject expert, you need to just brush up the basics. Or, if you are writing fiction, then books of your genre should be in your reading list for a while. A little back-to-the-basics exercise and the game is yours.

Expert tip-5: Remain updated.

While you are going to start a book, be it fiction or non-fiction, you need to stay updated with the latest developments. This will give you an extra boost to jumpstart your book. Regularly go through the updates, and make it a habit.

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