5 Expert-tips for you. Write a book, super-fast.

July 6, 2020

Create a book, superfast. Just go through the tips here.

Welcome to BrainQuisitive.

Having a book idea in mind but your fingers stuck when you start? You are not alone. Just go through our expert-advices below to get over the problem.

For all the budding authors who struggle every day to write regularly, our experts have few tips to offer. Follow them, and become a fluent writer. The world awaits you to publish your masterpiece.

First of all, you need to develop the habit of writing every day. You can take a weekly-off, but ensure that the remaining six days of the week you sit at least for an hour every day to write. Write sitting at the same place every day and try to start at the same time of the day or night - as it enables you to reach a higher level of concentration very quickly and you can produce more in a shorter period. Good postures, while you write, are important.

Second, Challenge yourself by setting a writing goal. You’ve probably got this. Keep a target in front of you and simply put your best to achieve it. If you are on a mission to complete a 25000-word book, set a deadline to complete. For a total time of 30 days, your daily target is 1000 words (considering one day off every week). Consider a contingency of 15-20% and set your daily target accordingly. Most importantly, keep your target in front of you, in writing.

Third, avoid editing on the go. Most of the new authors make this mistake, and you could be one of them. Don’t be bothered about the automatic red or blue underlines in your word processor, or the possible verb-misplacement on the paper. Just go on expressing yourself. Keep the flow up. You can always edit it later and it will increase your productivity considerably. Try it tonight and see the difference yourself.

Fourth, do research. Research is important. If you want to write about good food habits and just do not have much knowledge, just don’t be afraid. Go through some good books, get materials from the web, consult experts. Only thing is, this is not to be done at your writing time. Research work should be done in some other time, or it will take a toll on your pace.

Fifth, if you feel that your thought-processing speed is quite higher than your typing or writing speed then Talk-toText is designed for you. All you need is a good quality microphone. Connect it to your PC. Now open a new page of Google Docs, go to ‘tools’, and go for ‘voice typing’. Just don’t forget to check after you finish.

Happy writing. The world is waiting to read to you.

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