10 Most Asked Questions for Project Managers' Job Interview

January 9th, 2022

Project Managers' jobs are one of the most rewarding jobs out there in a construction company or in the software industry. For cracking a Project Managers' job interview you would need a solid experience in the field, as well as good soft skills to impress the interviewers. In addition to that, to get you super-prepared, we address the ten most-asked Project Managers' job interview questions which will definitely provide you with an extra mileage to ace your job interview, if you are striving to crack it.

1. Describe the steps of a project from initiation to completion (project life-cycle)

If the interviewer is keen to check whether you have not forgotten the fundamental theories of project management, they may ask this question.

Answer: A project has five stages: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring & control, and closing. As a Project Manager, I would see and ensure that each of the above phases are properly planned and completed within the planned timeline.

2. How do you handle delays in a project?

This is a tricky question where the interviewer may want to see if you have the correct attitude towards delay of a project. To answer this, first of all mention that you will put all the efforts that the project is not delayed, including planning properly and getting personally involved in to the same, notifying the management for resources availability on time, notifying the client regarding variations or added features in to the original scope, etc.

Further, you will mention that if the delay happens in spite of your all-out efforts, you will keep the proper record with you along with impact, ask the planning team to prepare an 'impacted schedule' with the reasons of delay plotted on the baseline programme, and notify client for each delay events as per the norms mentioned in the contract.

3. How do you handle extra items?

Extra items are works that are not included in the original payable items as per the contract. While executing the contract you may encounter some unavoidable items due to change in the scenario, or even may be just as a result of missing out the same by the people who has framed the contract.

Answer: "As a Project Manager, I will always have an eye on the executed items and ensure that no extra items are executed without proper approval of the client, to ensure the payments are received on time. Also I will follow-up with the client for necessary amendment to the contract and budget revisions at our end."

4. How do you motivate your team?

This is a question to check if you are